rabbit rabbit it’s september!

September is my favorite month! (December is a very very close runner-up, though.) This whole “back to school” thing still gets me. New pencils, fresh notebooks, clean calendar pages. Time to get after it!

Things I want to do this month:

Already scheduled events:

Month-long endeavors:

  • stock up on pumpkin beers for October (yep, I’ve pushed out pumpkin kickoff to October 1)
  • watch all the football
  • no sleeping in on weekends (how else will I get to do all of these fun things?!)
  • read more books!
  • relearn how to knit so as to be able to make [redacted] for [redacted]
  • all the running, yoga, spinning, lifting heavy things I can handle
  • resume working with¬†Healthworks Community Fitness – summer vacation is over, time to work ya’ll

What’s missing from my list? What are you favorite things to do in September?