Austen Update

Summer of Austen is over.

Well, Summer of Austen is supposed to be over. The three month allotment expired this weekend.

I still have half of Mansfield Park to read and all of Emma to reread. But making it a four month project basically ruins the entire premise of the blog.

Is it better to extend my deadline to accomplish my goal or to stick to the strict (and completely arbitrary) parameters I established and move on?

I think the former makes more sense.

Summer of Austen took a back seat to an interview process, prepping for a huge and life-changing move, and the necessity of saying “yes” and doing more during my last month in Chicago.

I’ll gladly call Summer of Austen a failure in exchange for the experiences of the last few weeks, and the memories I’ll take with me out east, to ease the inevitable homesickness for Chicago and Chicagoans.

Jane Austen, of anyone, would understand – nothing goes according to plan.