An Austen Autumn is Here!

Well, it’s fall.

It’s true, I say fall instead of autumn. Though I do so love the adjective autumnal.

So, two years ago, I launched this website-blog with my first three-month project: Summer of Austen. Over that summer, I embarked on immersing myself in Austen’s works. I also ended up with a severe stress fracture which took me out of dance classes. I interviewed and accepted a new job, setting in motion my move to the East Coast.

It was not a quiet summer.

Like then, this summer was not quiet. I embraced my unemployment, put my belongings in storage, and headed out to California with a backpack and a suitcase. I wavered between a creeping panic with quiet waves of desperation and complete elation at how undeniably free I was. Predictably, once I relaxed into my routine of working in the morning, reading all day, and hanging out with AVH at night, I sent in a resume that would set me back on my path in Boston.

And so I’m back in Boston, somewhat settled into a new apartment in a very “city” neighborhood, and even more settled into my new job. And I find that with all the new, with all this busy, I’m looking for something quiet to anchor my routine. As I haven’t yet figured out how to make my favorite yoga class fit into my schedule, I am drawn to another Austen immersion.

It’s #AnAustenAutumn then and first up is Northanger Abbey.

Week of 9/22: Part I
Week of 9/29: Part II + Masterpiece adaptation
Week of 10/6: Val McDermid’s Northanger Abbey + Google Hangout

I am hoping to incorporate some more community this time around, and to do so, I’ll strive to plan further in advance for everyone. With six books to read in three months, I won’t be able to give 3 weeks to each book, and I surely don’t expect everyone to participate in all of this. I hope you’ll join me for your favorite Austen readings, or for a new reading!

Who’s reading Northanger Abbey with me? What book sessions are you most excited for?

Check off all the “sessions” you’re interested in and I’ll be sure highlight updates for you. Dates are tentative but generally that should work out alright.