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After watching Frontline‘s “Gunned Down this afternoon, I found myself considering the power of this programming.It is fascinating and engrossing educational television. These films consistently educate and inspire. I really marvel at the skilled and powerful storytelling in these productions.

While watching this film I bounced between profound sorrow at the loss of life our country has suffered from gun violence and an exasperated frustration at the distortion of the Constitution and the manipulation of our political system. The final result of which is a motivation to do something.

I miss feeling like that. Throughout my teens and twenties, I often felt empowered and driven to affect change through political channels. My first post-college campaign job disabused me of that desire, and I gave up far too easily for the easier working world. I have grown more complacent with each passing year, to the point that I realize I now consider it a chore to vote!

This is all a wordy way of getting to the point – I have so genuinely enjoyed this last week of immersion in WGBH productions. Watching Masterpiece‘s “Downton Abbey” season premiere was an entirely joyful experience. I had the pleasure of watching Antiques Roadshow with no work distractions and was so delighted with experiencing the show as a fan again, discovering those splashes of history and art. And watching Frontline this afternoon rounded out the full experience by challenging me.

I am about the luckiest girl in the world right now, working for an organization that produces some of the best of television – programming that educates, entertains, and inspires. I am at an organization that reflects my values, and, if I allow it, will strengthen and reinforce my embodiment of those values.

Note that I love New Year’s resolutions. I think they are fantastic – year-long goals that can drive real change in life, or serve for an interesting personal project; whatever you desire, they are that. And this year, I just could not think of any new and interesting intentions to work into a resolution.

But now I have one!

This year, I will watch all of the programming WGBH creates through its national programming: Masterpiece, American Experience, Frontline, Novaand Antiques Roadshow.

I often let myself off the hook here with the argument that I’m skipping television viewing for something else – the gym, reading, dinner with friends, etc. But the truth is I always make up that time on the weekend. It’s not important that I re-watch all of New Girl, as delightful as it is. It is important that I keep learning and discovering and enjoying the best that television has to offer.

So – yes, amusingly, my New Year’s resolution is to watch more television.

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  • January 10, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    I fully support this. And I hope you tweet about it as you go!


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