rabbit rabbit it’s september!

September is my favorite month! (December is a very very close runner-up, though.) This whole “back to school” thing still gets me. New pencils, fresh notebooks, clean calendar pages. Time to get after it!

Things I want to do this month:

Already scheduled events:

Month-long endeavors:

  • stock up on pumpkin beers for October (yep, I’ve pushed out pumpkin kickoff to October 1)
  • watch all the football
  • no sleeping in on weekends (how else will I get to do all of these fun things?!)
  • read more books!
  • relearn how to knit so as to be able to make [redacted] for [redacted]
  • all the running, yoga, spinning, lifting heavy things I can handle
  • resume working with Healthworks Community Fitness – summer vacation is over, time to work ya’ll

What’s missing from my list? What are you favorite things to do in September?

One thought on “rabbit rabbit it’s september!

  • September 1, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    You’re so coooooooool.

    (That’s entirely earnest, by the way. You’re really so cool and such an inspiration and you make me want to DO ALL THE THINGS, which is saying something considering the shit state I’ve been in for the past week when I absolutely did NONE of the things.)

    (P.S. I miss you. Poki says hi. xo)


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