Boston, So Far

I have… 

  • fallen in love with my gym (Healthworks Fitness Center); started taking spin classes, working out with a trainer once per week and getting after it
  • visited New York twice; once with a friend from Ithaca for the Fitocracy meetup and once to see Ricky Martin (et al) in Evita on Broadway
  • gone to the tree lightings at Faneuil Hall and Copley Square
  • attended the Trinity Church (pre-)Christmas service
  • walked different parts of the Freedom Trail simply because I was on my way to another bar
  • learned how to knit from CMcMac
  • seen my job adapt and transform to fit me and my company best
  • had to take a cab home to Revere three times
  • seen a snow-covered Atlantic beach at 2 a.m.
  • decided I never want to own a cat
  • experienced my very first hurricane

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