After Three(ish) Months of Quiet

I’ve been in Boston for awhile now, four months or so. I’ve been updating Tumblr and running rampant with Twitter, but nothing really seemed worth writing about here. I haven’t worked on any of my projects (though that’s not to say I haven’t been doing new things). While I really want to recommit to my three-month projects, there’s no possible way I can manage multiple concurrent projects. Finally, this website just doesn’t work. Why have a Word Press blog if Tumblr is my go to method of “hey hey look at me!“?

Today is a snow day in Boston. 24 inches of snow have accumulated, mass transit is steadily working to get up and running, and I’m happily cozy-ified in my new apartment where my roommate is baking an almond cake and I’m in my default winter costume of leggings and an oversized sweater. (Today’s lovely addition of boot socks is really just the icing on this fashion cake.) I’ve slept-in; I’ve read; I’ve shoveled. There is nowhere I have to be (for a few hours now). Consequently, today is a great day to start fixing

Compelling reasons to to maintain this page abound. This should be where I point people. This should be on my hipster-cool personal card. This should take you to my Twitter and my Tumblr and my Facebook… I made a decision about six months ago that I was not going to live anonymously online. I’m easy to find anywhere – everyone user name I have is my name (or some variation if someone beat me to “cassieirwin”), but I could be easier to find. You could come here and then start your online research with helpful tips from your subject!

That’s the plan, simple enough. I’ll write up a quick project plan today (naturally), and start tackling the tasks I need to do to make this page a non-Word Press page, move my Word Press blog to something like, etc. Did you catch that, the most exciting part? I’m going to code the main page myself! Now, there’s something to start writing about again.

P.S. Did anyone catch how ridiculous the tag “cassie learns to code: the first three months” is? Because we’re looking at this being a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Three months is nothing. Nothing.

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