Those readers who also have to deal with me in person know that for the last six weeks, I’ve been awkwardly walking slightly off-balance in an effort to let a stress fracture heal. Actually, if you’ve been reading the blog, whether you know me or not, you know this – because I’ve used many opportunities to elicit pity by mentioning this dreaded walking boot ruining all my summer plans.

Summer’s best fashion accessory – really.

Well, I paid my dues. I wore the boot. I took my calcium supplements. I stopped working out for six weeks. My left calf muscle has atrophied into just a remnant of its former glory. But my six weeks are finally over and I am de-booted!

I have six more weeks before I can hope to be back to where I was six months ago. This week, I’m only allowed to engage in “normal, everyday” walking activities. And then it’s a few weeks of physical therapy and a lot of finger-crossing that my bones are strong. By mid-September, I should be back to my five to ten hours of dance each week.

But first things first – just normal, everyday walking, and I”ll try it out in Boston. Yes, another weekend trip to Boston. This time: walking through the Common, of course, a housewarming party, a kayaking trip, suppertime reunion with my favorite botanist (or are you a phrenologist now?), and much more! What happy and lucky timing that this trip occurs now, the day after the de-booting!

I will miss being able to pre-board my flights, though.

One thought on “De-Booted!

  • July 27, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Hooray! I remember how small my calf muscle looked, too. It’s all easier from here, though, even though it might seem slow getting active again. You’re definitely done with the worst! Keep taking that calcium!


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