Quitting Pride and Prejudice

I have quit my rereading of Pride and Prejudice.

I just can’t do it. I read this book about a year ago. I’ve seen the BBC and Keira Knightley-led adaptations countless times. I just cannot read this book again, not right now. It’s a good book; I love it. But it doesn’t feel fresh to me at all right now and I found myself dreading reading in general because of the obligation. And that’s not the point of this, at all.

I tackled two
Pride and Prejudice-related tasks last night though: reading P.D. James’s Death Comes to Pemberley, which has started off wonderfully, and watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This book is really quite delightful. James retains much of Austen’s language and cadence, which really makes it seem like a proper sequel. The plot is quick enough (in sometimes stark contrast to Austen’s, um, patience with her plot development); I expect to be through it before the end of Friday. It’s very obviously something done by someone who loves Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice, which in itself is rather endearing. The web series next mentioned is a sort of modern twist on Pride and Prejudice. I’m pacing at about two videos a day; they’re short and pretty cute. 

I may not reread
Emma either.

Disappointments abound, but as long as I get through all the new-to-me Austen works, I’ll be satisfied with my endeavor.

3 thoughts on “Quitting Pride and Prejudice

  • July 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Can you believe I’ve never read a Jane Austen novel?

    • July 27, 2012 at 12:34 am

      That is so surprising to me! If you have a rainy day at the lake, I would recommend a quick Kindle download of Northanger Abbey or Pride and Prejudice. The former is funnier but the latter has a more compelling plot.

    • July 27, 2012 at 2:21 pm

      Yeah, I’ve got to rectify this situation asap.


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